Through Core Nutrition, Core Physique cardiovascular and strength training, and personal Core Image technique programs Core Elements focuses on bringing out the best your body can offer.  These programs are based on each individual’s specific needs including their general health, and short-term and long-term goals.  Since nutrition is a large part of the success of the client’s results, meal plans are devised with the clients’ lifestyle in mind.  A Strength training program is the second most important factor and based on initial assessments and goals of the client.  Whether the clients’ needs are focused on agility and core strength for better speed and sport performance, getting into a wedding outfit, being on the beach or pool, wearing sleeveless shirts and shorts, maintaining a quality of life, feeling confident at work and in social events, Core Elements can customize a program for you to get results quickly.  More importantly you will have built up self-esteem and reverse the aging process through our health and nutritional programs that have been serving clients from 22 to 73 for over 9 years.  Our programs also include; specifics for cardiovascular conditioning and guidelines to accompany the strength training aspect, Weight loss management, Time management, Life-style training, Nutrition education, Photographer leads, Supplement ideas, Habit changes, and Emotional counseling through the transition.

Select from the following programs and start doing what you have been thinking about, reverse the clock and make age just a number!