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Core Elements by JLW

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Join Janet Lynn West, renowned female IFBB professional body builder and ACE certified personal trainer, on a personalized journey to achieving your goals. Core Elements by JLW focuses on building a customized plan that fits the specific needs of each individual for short-term and long-term results. It is a complete regimen incorporating nutrition, strength training, and cardio with the goal of building up self-esteem, reversing the aging process and looking your best ever.

Janet and her Core Elements process have been serving clients from 22 to 75 for over ten (10) years. Training for a specific life event? Try out our tailored plans to look your best ever in that new wedding outfit, on the beach, in sleeveless shirt and shorts, and at work or social events.

Want a kick start? Try out The VascSoLean ChallengesTM, a 4-week online variation of Core NutritionTM and Core PhysiqueTM programs to create that quick call to action with accountability.

The foundation of all Core Elements program is based on the pillars of Core PhysiqueTM, Core NutritionTM, and Core ImageTM. Let Janet Lynn West of Core Elements be your guide to building accountability, breaking down paradigms, and achieving your lifestyle goals.

Results are truly just a mindset away...


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No matter your age, gender, or body type, Core Elements can help you change your life!

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About Janet Lynn West


I was born in Washington DC and raised in the suburbs of the DC metro area, in Bowie, MD. I attended Towson University in Maryland and received a BS in Accounting. I received my CPA license in 1985 and worked for 10+ years in the accounting industry. I branched out into the area of recruiting and received a MS in Human Resources. My last corporate position was as a Director of American Express Tax and Business Services in Towson, MD. Fitness has always been a big part of my life. After 15 years in the corporate world of accounting and recruiting, I decided to make fitness my career and founded Core Elements by JLW, LLC, in 2006 to help others attain their fitness goals.

I feel a sense of accomplishment when I see results in my clients and see the confidence these results bring them. As they change their bodies and get healthier, they share that joy with me as their trainer and coach. After having three children, now a grandmother, and at age 56, I am evidence that age is just a number and results are just a mindset away.

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Disclaimer: Results may vary from individual to individual based on fitness habits, adherence to plans, and genetic makeup. No two individuals experience the same results.
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